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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 21, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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the two frontrunners face-off. out-of-this-world mistake. the wrong miss universe crowned last night. host steve harvey with the epic error. >> i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia. >> confusion as the runner up learns she actually won. what they're both saying about one of the most awkward moments in pageant history. and the force is strong with "star wars: the force awakens." the biggest opening in movie history. shattering all kinds of records. prevailing in one hollywood theater wherere the proctor broke do.. and the movie star with the biggest surprise of all. d good morning, america. happy monday. what a weekend for "star wars." you know, the numbers are still coming in. they could go higher. i kn you saw it in a theater, dan. crowds are just cheering. >> absolutely.
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it's not hard to do. >> in this case? >> it was effective and constructive. ginger and her husband, ben, welcoming that little babyoy over the weekend. [ applause ] >> oh, so great to see him. adrian benjamin. 20 inches long. 7 pounds, 8 ounces. everyone is doing great. a lot to get to. storms across the country. a big impact on holiday travel for tens of millions of americans. breaking news overnight. the horrifying scene on the las vegas strip. that driver intentionally running into people. killing one, injuring dozens. kayna whitworth starts us off in las vegas. >> reporter: it's eerie to see an empty las vegas boulevard. if you look behind me the lights of the paris hotel are off right now. crews are working to clean up after that terrifying hit t and run that killed one person and
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overnight, a horrifying scene on the las vegas strip. >> she accelerated again and kept mowing everyone down. >> reporter: after police say a woman drove her car off the road and intentionally hit into peop on the sidewalk. excelaccelerateing two, even three times killing one person and sending 30 people to the hospital. all of this with a 3-year-old toddler in the car. >> it looked likike she wa't trying to stop the car. she had both of her hands on the wheel and was looking straight forward. >> it was just before 7:00 p.m. sunday night. >> like, oh, my god, what is going on? this is las vegas. this is christmas. >> reporter: crowds gathered in front of the paris hotel, one of the busiest intersections on the strip, when the oldsmobile veered into the sidewalk. this morning, the drivern custody. >> do we have this driver in custody? >> that's affirmative. she's in custody. with 8 mary 3 at the casino.
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is not from the area and may have been driving for a day. a dozen in the hospital. three still in critical condition. police saying the child in the car is uninjured. >> why? why us? why did this happen? what's really happened? >> we have determined this is an intentional act. that means that our lvmpd homicide section will be handndling thenvestigation. >> reporter: i just spoke to the poce. the lieutenant does believe the child is in child protective services and he told me receive several cameras in the area. they're combing through the footage. they also plan to reopen las vegas boulevard as soon as they can. george? >> the big question, why? thank you, kayna. the race for president. all the fallout from the democratic debate saturday. it's triggered a new war between donald trump and hillary clinton. he's calling her a liar. shshe's not cking down. abc's cecelia vega here with the story. >> reporter: there are now serious questions about whether
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what is certain, one of the main targets during that debate wasn't anywhere near that stage. this morning, hillary clinton on the defensive, after going on the offensive against donald trump. >> he is becoming isis' bestst cruiter. they are going to people, showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> reporter: that claim made during saturday's debate. there is no evidence to back it up. clinton's campaign unable to prove such a video exists. her communications director on "this week." >> he's being used isocial media. by isis. as propaganda. she didn't have a particular video in mind. >> reporter: trump firing back on twitter saying clinton lied and doubling down. >> she just made it up.. shmade it up. it was a sound bite. >> reporter: on the debate stage, one big elephant the room. >> yes, , i apologe.
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clinton's private voter database. two more staffers suspended this weekend. >> this is not the type of campaign that we run. >> i very ch areciate that comment. >> reporter: clinton center stage and noticeably absent when a trip to the bathroom during a commercial break ran a little long. >> sorry. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the laughter spillingver to another stage saturday. [ laughter ] >> reporter: on "snl" this year's hillary joined by ghosts of christmas past. >> aren't you worried about the republicans? >> who is their front-runner? >> just tell me. >> donald trump. >> we're gonna b be presidt!t! >> know! >> get back to 2008 and send a bunch e-mail. >>o. >> reporter: it was so good the campaign trail offering -- we're cracking up here in the studio. clinton taking a lot of heat this morning for the claim about
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recruitment videos. national security council about those claims. both uware of videos. >> and the campaign could not produce them. let's go to jon karl for more. hillary clinton is taking some heat from that statement. good position. >> a huge lead nationally. bernie sanders at his best in early states. look at iowa. hillary clinton has a double digit lead and in new hampshire, bernie sanders lead has disappeared. >> donald trump's position was front and center at the debate. >> if you look at the graphic that lists all the t times the republican candidates were mentioned it's extraordinary.
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times. over isis. >> she said we're finally where isis. jeb bush attacked her for that and has put out a video saying -- tweeting are we now really? and includes a video that talks about the attacks in paris and san bernardino. hillary clinto for her part. the campaign says she was talking about a u.n. resolution that passed on syria. a bomb scare on board a packed air france jet. the suspicious device turned out the be harmless. one passengeis in custody this morning. terry moran has all the latest. >> reporter: good morning, lara. french police arrested a man as he arrived at the airport. he is the prime suspect in this bizarre and frightening incident. investstigators nt to know who built this and why?
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with a timer on top. it's the fake bomb found on board the air france jet over the weekend. a boeing 777 carrying 473 passengers andnd crew. one passenger found the device in a restroom cupboard. the plane diverted. emergency slides were deployed. everyone evacuated and whisked away. investigators determined it was all a hoax. the thing was cardboard paper and a clock said france's president. >> the real concern is was this a joke, a practical joke? or was somebody testing the system, seeingng if theyould get elements of a bomb through the security system at mauriritius and into an airplane to be assembled airborne? >> reporter: the suspect in custody was a passenger on that flight. prosecutors say he's apparently a retirered police officer from the island of reunion. he was traveling with his wife.
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it's very bizarre. >> thank you, terry. you can't blame travellers for being on edge this holiday season. a record number of americans expected to be on the move this year. aaa predicts more than 100 million holiday travelers for ththe first me ever. david, low gas prices fueling the surge. >> reporter: it's going to continue to fuel drivers here at the pump overnight oil dropped to its lowest level in 11 years. $1.81 here. and aaa says overnight its survey found $1.99 across the country. the lowest since 2009. so 100 million are traveling, more than 90% on the roads. if you can leave today or tomorrow a website app safes you'll miss most of the traffic that we'll see on wednesday and thursday. george. >> if you're traveling by train, big safety news. >> reporter: yeah, overnight,
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train control in effect between new york and washington. this is an automatic system that can stop a train if it's going too fast. it would have prevented the derailment in philadelphia that killed eight people. george. now to the wild ending of the miss universe pageant. miss colombia was crowned. only problem was she didn't actually win. turns out host steve harvey announced d the wrong name. t.j.j. holmes here to explain it. good morning t.j. >> reporter: better to have been crowned and lost than never to have been crowned at all. do not tell that to miss colombia this morning. after the shortest reign in pageant history. she was in the middle of her victory lap when she gets a tap on the shoulder saying, that crown, we're going to need that back. >> miss universe 2015 is --
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>> reporter: miss colombia reigned supreme as miss universe for 2 1/2 glorious minutes. then this happened. >> okay, folks. i have to apologize. [ cheers and applause ] the first runner up is colombia. [ cheers and applause ] miss universe 2015 is philippines! >> reporter: host steve harvey correcting himself, announcing the winner is miss philippines. >> miss philippines, takyour first walk as miss universe. >> reporter:r: creatinone of the most awkward moments in pageant history. a chorus of boos fill the hall as steve tries to explain. >> listen, folks. let me just take contr of this. this is exactly what's on the
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i will take responsibility for this. it was my y mistake. it was on the card. horrible mistake. but the right thing, i can show it to you right here. the first ruer up is colombia. it is my mistake. still a great night. >> reporter: and with that, steve was off. leaving the ladies to sort it all out. miss colombia's crown gently removed. bestowed on the right winner. afterwards, the 21-year-old sofia vergara look-alike, graceful in defeat. >> everything happens foa reason. so i'm happy. i'm happy for all what i did and becoming this -- i'm so happy. >> reporr: her fellow ntestants in her corner. >> we loveou! >> reporter: miss philippines struggles to find the words to describe her awkward crowning moment. >> it's a very, um -- nontraditional crowning, isn't it?
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>> it's very, very 2015. >> reporter: and guys, this was not a scorining error. not a misprint. he simply messed up in that moment. we know now. this is a moment made for what, twitter. people lost their minds last night. some were funny. i'll only give you one now. someone put steve's face on justin bieber, is it too late now to say sorry? we think it's just a beauty pageant. but that poor miss colombia. they work their lives for these moments. she thought she had it. >> she handled it so beautifully. >> if she wasn't going to win, probably the best way to l lose. the whole world knows her now. >> reporter: we'll hear a lot from her soon. dan, the other top stories. some breaking news out of afghanistan. we're going to switch gears. we're just learning about a deadly attack in afghanistan. a suicide bomber on a motorbike attacked a joint u.s.-afghan patrol, killing five soldiers. the taliban has claimed responsibility.
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casualties. the taliban makes major gains.. rereports that the province could fall into taliban hands in a matter of days. they have surrounded local police forces. new concerns about the threat of foreign hackers. iranian hackers were able to access the control system of a dam outside new york city in 2013. security experts warn america's power grid and pipelines remain vulnerable. two cyberattacks. dramatic video shows the moment a 30-foot wall of mud slammed into the back of this building. dozens of other buildings collapsed. 90 people missing. the morning, the most powerful man in soccer has been kicked out of the sport for eight years. that is the punishment against sepp blatter. the president of fifa, soccer's governing body. accused of corruption and making an illegal $2 million payment to his former protege.
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texas. this dash cam video shows an officer pulling over a vehicle and out comes chewbacca, han solo, darth vader. darth maul. the officer gets inn the trunk and goes to the "star wars" premier with the gang. but now, you can prprobably tl the video is a joke. it finishes with this jawa coming into frame and stealing the cop car. this comes from texas, where they have an extremely low crime rate or the police department has unusual priorities. >> that's not shocking. walking around new york, i could totally see that happening for real. maybe not the cop crawling in the trk. that was weird. that's weird. >> it's the most benign dash cam video we have seen all year. >> yes. >> refreshing. it gets us to our blockbusteter openinweekend for "star wars." boy, "the force awakens" breaking recds. $238 million in the u.s.
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nick watt has the details. >> reporter: the force awakened and it's strong in this one. the biggest opening in the history of cinema. the jedi. destroyed next best jurassic world. dinosaurs, no match for daisy ridley. >> it's true. all oft. >> reporter: one tragedy, a projector broke down in hollywood. >> the dark side. >> reporter: they restarted, but, they missed a chunk. >> no! >> reporter: meanwhile, boisterous star john boyega surprised audiences in new york on friday night. >> i just wanted to pop by. >> reporter: then? >>avid beckham, you have met your match. >> reporter: the bbc on saturday. >> i just wanted to meet you, mate. >> reporter: reviewewers, blogrs tweets, fervently flagging spoilers. >> i'm not going to say anything.
7:17 am
anything. >> reporter: can't speak for michael sam. he tweeted a spoer. apolized. who watched? 58% le. 71% adults. and -- >> the force is strong in my family. >> reporter: and 20% families. for "good morning americ" nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> and that is just the beginning right there. >> just the beginning indeed. i can't wait to see it. rob marciano. a big snowstorm and heat coming this way. >> the one time of the year people are asking, may the snow be with you as we head towards christmas. they have not it upstate new york. abouout a foot there. in some spots three feet of snow. look at the warmup in store for this week. 70 or better for christmas eve, new york, d.c., atlanta, raleigh. we have a series of storms. some severe storms across parts of dallas. and some snow across parts of the west. your local forecast 30 seconds away.
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brought to you by burlington. and we have a lot more ahead this morning. the mother of that most wanted teen, now the target of a massive search by the fbi and u.s. marshals. her son on the lam after breaking probation. for the deadly drunk driving crash. nancy grace here live. good news for the millions waiting until the last minute to score christmas gifts. huge discounts that make waiting pay off. we'll tell you where to find those big deals coming up on "good morning america." we'll tell you where the find
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sabrina: good morning i'm sabrina ahmed... it's 7:24 ... sabrina: big budget cuts need to happen at west des moines schools. with enrollment dropping by more than a hundred students, the district now has less money for programs. school leaders will need to cut eight hundred thousand dollars by next year. the board is expect to make a final decision tonight. sabrina: an iowa high schooler collapsed during a championship match saturdary, and later died in the hospital. the spencer community in mourning following the sudden death of austin roberts. grief counselors were on hand sunday at the school, as students and family remembered the teen. there's still no word on what caused roberts to collapse. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib: sabrina: you can always get the top stories on our website... we are iowa dot com....
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at the las vegas strip. it was the scene of that horrific crash last night where a woman with her 3-year-old in the backseat plowed right into pedestrians. one person killed. dozens more injured. shdid it on purpose. she's in kugsdy this morning. police looking for a motive. severe storms across the country this week may make holiday travel a greater challenge, as a record number of americans hit the road and take to the skies. more than 100 million for the first time ever. >> drones, this morning owners s will bee required to register
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their contact information entered into a national database. >> makes sense. >> it does. everything you need to know about the deals available right now, perfect f for you procrastinators out here. by you, i mean me. we'll have -- >> you've been done for months. >> and then i check my list twice like santa recommends and there were a couple left out. >> we have a couple days. we're going to begin with the nationwide manhunt for ethan couch. the texas teen who killed four people while driving drunk and got probation. he's run away with his mom. authorities investigating. tips are pouring in after they released this poster. nancy grace is here to weigh in after gio benitez reports. >> reporter: the manhunt for 18-year-old ethan couch is intensifying. u.s. marshals releasing this wanted poster and announcing a $5,000 rerd for the fugitive teen who killed four people while driving drunk in 2013. his mother, tonya, believed to
7:26 am
just declared a missing person by the d.a.'s office. now officially a part of this investigation. >> i firmly believe they're e together. we're going to do eveverythinge can to prosecute her. >> reporter: ethan, who had been sentenced to ten years of probation, missed a probation appointment ten days ago. this video was released. showing teen at party at a beer pong table but not tagging. the local district attorney saying ethan was violating probation. >> prosecutors intend to charge him as an adult. would be facing up to ten years in prison. >> reporter: he's known for using the affluenza defense. >> too ricich for ja. >> reporter: during sentencing, his legal team saying his rich parents spoiled him for years, never teaching him his actions had consequences. >> when was the last time you recall disciplining ethan for anything? >> i don't remember. >> reporter: psychologists backed up that defense, saying
7:27 am
>> he has an 80% chance of becoming a full-functioning citizen who pays taxes, who doesn'take from the community. if he goes jail, he has a 10% or 20% chance. >> reporter: now, with the fbi on the case, investigators are tracking his passport, family bank accounts, and fielding hundreds of tips. one seasoned bounty hunter says there's only one way to track him down. >> you have to find the money. you find the end of the money, you find the kid. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news. >> let's talk to nancy grace. now the mom, the focus of the investigation. >> yes, she is. and, it's interesting. she has not been charged with any crime, such as harboring a fugitive or aiding and abetting. important, but subtle, distinctions. she's been named officially a missing person. tonya couch is now in a
7:28 am
over the country can access her photo. that is critical. now, if you read between the lines, the district attorney's office is saying there's no indication they've left the country. but they've got the money to do it. i have spoken in depth with a county sheriff. and it's entirely possible that they have left the country. several of their homes appear to be empty. in fact, in one of them, there's nothing left but a pinball machine. i agree. it's all about the money. where are they going to live? like ethanan couch c make a living in mexico? >> if they did get out of th country, are they beyond the reach of the law? >> oh, absolutely not. the u.s. marshals, border patrol, we have authorities all over t world. now, granted, he is not a major drug lord or a kingpin.
7:29 am
four dead bodies. another victim left permanently paralyzed. cannot speak or move. can only see. a sixth victim, horrible internal injuries. and this guy walked. with straight probation. >> boy, it's -- it is stunning. you say the mom has not been charged with anything yet. if they find her, if she's charged, how much trouble could she be in? >> oh, she'll be looking at jail time. now, interesting, the mother and father, they were married, divorced, separated, got back theye apart now. but think about it. where are they going to get the money from him? he owns a very successful sheet metal business. they havto follow that money. that's the way to find them. laying low on the dad right now. but i can put money on it, they've got him tapped out the yin-yang. >> i wouldn't put it like that,
7:30 am
>> that's a legal, technical term, okay. >> thank you, nancy. we're going to switch gears to the pharmaceutical company ceo notorious for jacking up the price of a life-saving drug. he's out on bail after being arrested for fraud. not out of the spotlight. there he is, live-streaming his life. he's speakaking out r the first time since his arrest. mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: this morning, 32-year-old ex-pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli giving his firsinterview since being charged. telling "the wall street journal" that he was arrested because of a social experiment and teasing people over the internet. adding that his erratic social media posts are a bit of an act. what do you do when you have the attention of millilions of pple? it seems to meike it wouldld be fun to experiment with. over the weekend, holding a nearly five-hour live-stream. seemingly in his pajamas, one e daafter his arrest.
7:31 am
allegations -- >> i can't really talk about allegations. or anything like that. i can't answer any questions about that whatsoever. >> reporter: he dido plenty of other stuff. playinthe guitar. taking phone calls. even surfing online dating profiles. thursday, shkreli was taken into custody. for alleged securities fraud. federal investigators saying he ran his two former companies like a ponzi scheme. he rose to infamy earlr this year after raising the price of an hiv and cancer drug from $13.50 to $750 per pill. a 5,000% increase. friday, he resigned as ceo of touring pharmaceuticals and was released on $5 million bail. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. coming up, last-minute oppers. we have great deals for you.
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it'the final countdown only three more days. final countdown to christmas. >> some '80s hair metal to start you off. >> this is all to help last-minute shoppers. most of f us have t finished getting our gifts. good news, there are still deals out there. rebecca jarvis is at best buy with some of those best buys. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. nearly 1 in 5 americans have not started their christmas shopping yet. there is good news out there. because this is the procrastinator's promised land.
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in the final countdown toward christmas, nearly half of americans saying they're waiting for christmas eve. while last-minute shoppers may not have time. they have this going for them. extremely motivated retailers. >> the sales this year are looking better than er. retailers are desperate to sell us things. let's make them work a little bit. >> reporter: while online sales are up nearly 14% from last year, sales insidede physica stores are down almo 6%. making this final push cruci to retailers' bottom lines. >> the best deal right now is to look for stackable discounts. that's when an item is already discounted. but you see a big sign saying, 20%, 30% off. anything that's already reduced. go straight to those stacked discounts. >> reporter: after sluggish thanksgiving sales, right now,
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thank you, rebecca. >> good gifts. a lot of good ideas there. next, how to get them there on time with becky worley. and also coming up, a terrying bear attack. a hike turning into a heroic survival lesson for three boy scouts. how they used their training to save their troop leader's life. survival lesson for three scouts. now they used their training to save their troop leader's lilife. i love you. ve you too. one minute. hi. hi dad. we need to do this.
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it's 7:48. we're back with boy scouts who really earned their badges over the weekend, helping save their leader from a bear attack. using their survival skills toto rescue him and signal for help. >> reporter: this morning, what should have been a simple adventure turned into a terrifying lesson in survival. >> we have a gentleman in the cave with a bear. he has been injured by a bear. >> reporter: officials say 50-year-old troop leader chriopher petronino was exploring a cave sunday afternoon when he was attacked inside by a black bear. >> all units out there, be advised. we have the victim, the victim now lling out. >> the bear was inside the cave. its den, its home. >> reporter: the boys were outside the cave hearing their
7:44 am
jumping into action. calling 911, trying to lure the bear out of the cave. using snacks, trail mix and bananas. >> he's bleeding from his neck, his arm, his head. >> reporter: the boys then starting a fire. the rescue helicopter finding the group by tracking the smoke from the air. taking the leader to the hospital for treatment. >> i'm sure it's the training reived as scouts that they were able tomplement to save the life of their own scoutmaster. i can't praise them enough. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gloria riviera, abc news, new york. >> those smart kids. ststilon "od morning america," divorced stars nick cannon and mariah carey are
7:45 am
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what about verizon? 50% off. at&t too? 50% off. even t-mobile? 50% off. and now, get the hottest samsung smartphones and receive a free 32" led samsung tv. don't wait. offer ends december 24th. welcome back to "gma." welcome to winter. the winter solstice finally happens tonight. 11:48 eastern time. that will feel good. how about a white christmas? got to go out west. salt lake, rocky mountns. the east coast, wah, wah.
7:49 am
happ sabrina: good morning i'm sabrina ahmed... it's 7:56 ... sabrina: one person has died and more than thirty have been injured after a car plows into pedestrians on the las vegas strip last night. police say the female driver intentionally drove up onto a toddler who had been in the car during the ride was not hurt. are said to be in critical condition. sabrina: a popular gift this christmas will be drones, and those planning to fly them will need to register with the u-s government. starting today new f-a-a guidelines go into effect regarding the use and piloting of drones. the flying machines have become a headache for law enforcement. all drones will be given a tracking number that will help the f-a-a keep tabs in a
7:50 am
sabrina: about a recent the hot topic of national for the nomination faced off in their third 20-16 race saturday night. the debate comes as the focus of the 2016 race increasingly shifts toward national security and terrorism they have one more debate befor ethe iowa caucus. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam...
7:51 am
it's 8:00 a.m. the miss universe mistake. everyone talking about the moment when steve harvey nounced the wrong winner. a lot more about the awkward moment when miss colombia had to give up the crown. and the memes that took over t the internet. co-parenting for christmas. new picture of mariah carey and her ex, nick cannon. with their twins. the couple trying to give their kids a happy holiday. does bringing a divorced family back together make it easier or more confusing for the kids? we have expert advice for your family. so are you ready for christmas? we have all the ways you can get
7:52 am
lastinute savings strategies. clclever chrtmas tree hacks. if you've been putting it off, we've got you covered as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] we have a great crowd outside. we s say good rning, america, to you. so much to get to. including a creative twist on the classic christmas tree. a lot of people posting picture of their inventive ways to decorate without a real tree. is there that was toilet paper, wasn't it? >> pretty sure. >> o friends at buzz feed here to show us how to make our own diy trees. a a little b more personal. we've told them a little bit about ourselves. we can't wait to see what they create. team sara, team rob, team dan, and lara. i'm judging today. you u ready, tee, two, one, go. >> let the games begin. and we're so excited to share with you the newest member of
7:53 am
ginger's little boy, adrian benjamin, born over the weekend. everybody doing just fine. and he was a big boy. >> sweet. looking great. hope they're happy. congratulations. let's get the news from dan harrrris. he's got the morning rundown. hey, guys. the big story ts morning, the search for a motive after a horrifying crash on the las vegas strip. a woman with a 3-year-old in the backseat intentionally drove her car on to the crowded sidewalk. plowing into pedestrians. killing one person. injuring three dozen others. six of them critically injured. the woman behind the wheel is in custody. she's undergoing drug and alcohol tests. overseas, a deadly attack in afghghanistan. five american troops have been killed in a suicide attack near bagram air base. the attacker riding a motorbike, targeted soldier on that patrol. the tiban is claiming responsibility. also breaking g right no
7:54 am
attacks in paris. this flows police raids in brussels, belgium. two brothers among those detained for questioning. no weapons or explosives were found. and back in this country, we turn to a growing lottery scandal this morning. a computer expert already convicted of taling one big jackpot is now under investigation in dozens of states. linzie janis has the details. >> reporter: the lottery industry insider already convicted of rigging one iowa drawing. >> we, the jury, find the defendant, edward tipton, guilty of fraud. >> reporter: but this momorning, prosecutors now saying 52-year-old eddie tipton, a former security director working for the multistate lottery association may have had access to lottery games in as many as 37 states. stealing jackpots from the millions of hopeful players around the country. investigators say tipton installed secret software on the machines that randomly generate winning lotto numbers. so he would have those winning digits in advantage.
7:55 am
associated with eddie tipton. >> reporter: his attorney says there's no evidence that mr. tipton did anything to tamper with any of the computers. prososecutorsay this surveillance video shows tipton back in 2010, making his first big mistake. purchasing a winning ticket himself, worth $16.5 million. when someone else tried to collect it, investigators uncovered the scam. this year, a jury convicting him and sentencing him to ten years in prison. he's currently out on bail for "good morning erica," york. and finally this morning, to th surprise of absolutely y is going crazy after the mistake at the miss universe pageant. declaring miss colombia the winner. but the real winner was miss philippines. >> i have to apologize.
7:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] miss universe 2015 is philippines! >> ouch. steve harvey did take all the blame. that did not prevent the emergence of a tsunami of memes online. this one showing the pageant contestants under official review by t the much-maligned nfl refugees. referees, rather. another, odell beckham stealing the crown away. and this may be the best one. a "family feud" image with the question, name someone who is not invited to miss universe next year. as you k know, ste harvey hosts "family feud." >> you could see on his -- >> lara, you have said, you've been in situations like this. you feel his pain. >> i hosted miss america. it's a live show. there's so many moving parts. i can completely see how it could have happened. >> you could see on his face how shatted he was. >> and how about just having to take the crown off of her head. >> painful all around.
7:57 am
>> let's go to sara. let's look what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." superstar mariah carey and her ex, nick cannon, getting together for the holidays for their twins. is co-parenting good or confusing for e kids? and the secrets to save on holiday travel. how to land the best, last-minute deals. and becky worley tells us how to me sure any gifts you buy today land under the tree in time. that and our christmas tree challenge coming up on "gma," right here in times square. the challenges facing the country never stop. so neither does the u.s. army. we train. adapt. and get smarter. every soldier. every unit. every day. not to keep up with change; but to drive it. nobody knows what problems tomorrow will bring.
7:58 am
this just in. the final countdown to christmas is here. wait what? gary, is this telepromer right? sweet molasses! i need to start shopping immediately.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
all that coming up on "gma." and this lovely lady and some food. we'll explain. coming up.
8:01 am
the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retiremement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges one, two, three, four, can i have a little more?
8:02 am
nine, ten, i love you sail the ship chop the tree skip the rope look at me all together now eveverythingtar wars for everyone. kohl's. welcome back to "gma." we all know the holidays can be a difficult time of the year for divorced parents. nick cannon and mariah carey are making news with the pictures ey're posting of themselves co-penting their kids. through the holiday. reena ninan here with how they're doing it. >> reporter: hey, george. co-parenting can be so much harder at the holidays. what about when exes who are used to having blowout extravaganzas? well, what they did may have
8:03 am
nice list. this morning, showing that all quality time with their 4-year-old twins. what more can i do baby a all i want for christmas is you >> reporter: cannon posting this photo on inthat -- instagram with carey and their twins, mooe a and moroccan, saying both parents sharing a flurrrry of photos with their exciting weekend for the kids. >> by coming together, mariah and nick are sending an excellen message certainly to their children, but to other parents that you don't have to be together to be great co-parents of your kids. >> reporter: when they first split late last year, nnon spoke to "gma" about how he and carey intended to co-parent regardless of their separation. >> we'll forever be family. at the same time, we're there for our children and making them the number one priority and
8:04 am
and can have an amazing holiday. >> reporter: carey reflecting that sentiment. >> we're learninas we go. we're doing the best we can. it's all about the kids. that's it. >> reporter: the proud parents posting their co-parenting accomplishments all year. ke this family photo from the twins' 4th birthday party and a picture of a very happy thanksgiving. cannon telling howard stern about the family tkey dinner. >> no bad words. she's awesome. it's still love and respect involved. it's not really about, oh, what i get, what you get. >> reporter:he power duo, one of many former hollywood couples, like gwyneth paltrow and chris martin, and jennifer garner and ben affleck putting the kids first after a split. sharing holiday cheer as family. >> parents are s sending t message that even though they're not together, they're willing to be together with the kids. they're willing to communicate. they're willing to put the kids' interests before their own. that's just an awesome thing. >> reporter: and nick cannon says putting the kids' interests
8:05 am
it's about t the uncontional love you have for your kids so you can let go of the grudges. >> absolutely. absolutely. reena, thank you so much. we're going send it over to george with parenting expert and editor of, ericka souter. >> if you can pull this off, there are real benefits. >> absolutely. i'm not going to pretend this is anasy thing to do. we have talked to parents who have done it successfully. they say the most important thing is that the kids have to feel that they have a solid family unit though the parents are not in the same house. > i can uerstand how some kids could get confused. >> absolutely. especially dealing with young children. they may think, oh, great, mom and dad are getting back together. even older children can hold out ho. parents say the best thi to do is to communicate and say, dad's going back to his house. mom will be at her hse. but we're spending the holiday together as family. >> you have have to a real open heart and flexibility. >> a lot of flexibility.
8:06 am
parents need to do. number one, they do need to be flexible. about the schedule, the timing, w things come together. this is not the time to take a hard line. number two, commicate with each other so everyone is on the same page when it comes to what's best for the kids. lastly, probably the most important, you don't want to wait until the last minute to pull this together. make your plan ahead of time. so you know going into the holiday where everyone is s s going to be, where all the parts are in place. that makes for a much more peaceful holiday. >> and the kids do love to know. >> and kids do love to you. >> thank you, ericka let's get to lara. santa has a team of reindeer. but for the rest of us, travel can be very pricey. in this morning's "gma on the money," rebecca jarvis shows us how to save big. >> reporter: mike and stacy have
8:07 am
but now as parents to julia and ryan, they've had to recalibte their destinations and their budget. >> obviously, everything changes. and, priorities are realigigned. >> disney, here we come. >> reporter: first task. flights from new jersey to orlando. and now they have an extra cost. julia is about to turn 2. she was a lap seat. now she neneeds her n seat. >> yes. >> exactly. >> reporter: so far, finding flights for $317. a ticket. totalling almost $1,000. we bring in travel expert brian kelly. to see if he can work some savings magic for their trip to the magickingdom. who's ready to save some money? >> we are. we definitely are. >> reporter: flexibility is the first tip. brian recommends having adjustable travel dates. >> tuesdays and saturdays, if you can leave on those days, generally, will save 20% or more. >> reporter: next tip, when looking online, think outside the box. brian suggests first searching
8:08 am
it's not a travel agency. they're not trying to sell you hotel packages and everything else. >> reporter: there, find savings on flights. brian has another trick up his sleeve. >> southwest airlines doesn't show up on any of the online travel agencies. so you always have to go to >> reporter: there, stacy and mike hit the jackpot. but traveling on tuesdays, they can find a roundrip fare for $192er tick, including two free ccked bags and carry-ons. you just shaved about $120 off the cost of every ticket. >> no fees. that is a no-brainer. >> reporter:r: once onhe ground, another tip. membership has privileges. you can often get lower rates on hotels and rental cars through memberships with discoununt warehouses, aaa, and even aarp. >> i'm 32 years old. i'm a member. >> reporter: that little tip puts $100 back in their pocket. ready to book? >> we're ready. >> yeah. >> rooer we're ready. >> reporter: for "good morning
8:09 am
>> rebecca strikes again. more great tips. experts say there are credit card signups that offer big mile bonununuses. ke and stacy found some that would give them air and hotel travel for free. was remember but remember, e every tim you sign up f a new credit card, itit impacts your credit. beware. now there are only four dayays leftft for chrtmas. will they get there on time? becky worley is here with the last minute tips to get it done. >> reporter: good morning, george. yes, the panic is real. the national retail federation saying only a third of us have wrapped up shopping completely. breathe deeply other two-thirds of america, including me. retailers know we have procrastinated. there are new and shockingly convenient ways to shop and save this week. the last week before christmas. for many, a frantic scramble. we need a few more things. so what are the options? let's start online.
8:10 am
via mobile or mouse. but it l cost you. >> if you're planning on shipng gifts this week, prepare for sticker shock. >> reporter: sticker shock is right. shoppers can pay two to three times the price of regular shipping to ensure delivery. by christmas eve. >> you could pay over $100 for a small package. >> reporter: the deadline for two-day ipping, tuesday, december 22nd. one-day, december 23rd. but that doesn't mean midnight of those days. most retailers have a cutoff between noon to 2:00 p.m. eastern. so shop e early. the next option, ship to store. you have probably done this before. buy online, and pick up at customer service. >> you don't have to wait in lines. the package is there waiting for you. and when you get to the store, you can make sure the deal isn't better there. >> reporter: something new this year that makes it even easier. a free service called curb side. it lets you order on your phone from many retailers, then schedule a pickup. i pull in and then fire up the app. they bring everything i ordered right to the car.
8:11 am
>> welcome to target curb side. may i see your i.d.? pot your items right here. all right, thank you. >> thank y so much. >> have a great one. >> reporter: that was convience. if even a trip to the curb is too much, deliv delivers to your house. in a lot of cases, that delivery costs just $5 extra. it's only in 17 markets. if you're lucky enough to be in one of them, this might save christmas. one other thing that helps. retailers announcing longer hours. some stayingng open rod the clock to give people opportunities to shop even if they, themselves, are working long hours this week. macy's every store open late. check listings. j.c. penney, open at 8:00 a.m. through christmas eve. toys are us from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. some open around the clock through christmas eve.
8:12 am
om 7:00 a.m. december 17th through 6:00 p.m. on christmas eve. i'm off to take my own advice and get my own shopping done. >> boy, round the clock at toys "r" us. >> why don't we encourage people better rather than make these poor people work around the ock for the holiday? >> maybe we e try to dmore. let's go outside to rob. > check iout, george. deep in the heart of texas. do you get much snow there? >> once. >> once. >> yes. >> hence the hat. you look terrific. not a whole lot of snow here. check out west. we have snow in the cascades. this is snoqualmie pass. they had over 110 inches just last week. that's more than they had all we have winter storm watches the snow is amazing. mortgage the house if you have to to get out there and ski.
8:13 am
california. >> snow fochristmas. they're dressed for it. not going to happen here. become inside to you. >> thank you, rob. i believe it's time. "pop news" time. >> it's an honor to get that toss from you, lara. from one popper to the next. celebs are just like us. channeling their inner force for the release of "star wars: the force awakens." joseph gordon leavitt won the l.a. premier. i didn't realize there were
8:14 am
dressed as yoda in a bathrobe. >> wow. >> yeah. check out ronda rousey as a storm trooper. actress/model, cara delevingne. posting this snap as, of all people, jabba the hutt. >> that's her? >> yeah. she went jabba the hutt. rainn wilson. of "the office" as a jedi. and his son as an adorable boba fett. and mark zuckerberg's 3-week-old daughter and his dog, beast. embracing the dark side. and it all started with neil patrick harris with this photo of his family dressed as the favorite original characters. i want to believe dan dressed up. >> i dressed up as a nerd, actually. it's's the cosme i wear all the time. >> so you wore the suit you wear every day. >> it was a stretch. >> i would have had so much more respect if you pulled out a
8:15 am
>> i kw it's hard for me to increase my respeclevel with you, sara. >> next to impossible. >> he's a jedi knight in our eyes. >> yes. >> i'll continue the challenge, though. if you can find the time to dress up and send me a photo, off the charts. >> this is starting to sound a little risque. >> it's only 8:0. next up, paul mccartney seems to have it all. he was all over new york city. he joined bruce springsteen on the "snl" stage. the music legend also had a blast cheering on the new york rangngers. most importantly, the 21-time grgrammy-awa-winner finally achieved a lifelong sports dream. closer. not quite as impressive. it started back in 2013 at a brooklyn nets game. all paul wanted was one of tho free flying t-shirts. another eager fan beat him to the toss. he was crushed.
8:16 am
it go." so he -- "let it be," excuse me. >> i was going to say. >> ruine that whole pun. >> i was so excited for that pun. >> wasn't there another song from a difrent album, "let it go." >> no. >> one of your favorite beatles songs is "hey, dude," right? >> no, it was imagine. shut up. but that's not even the right one. dan, you need to be escorted off the set. he returned to barclays. this time he was ready. paul mccartney was victorious, proving that some of the sweetest things in life are free. >> agreed. >> yes. >> but the nets lost by 15. >> that was a long setup for "let it be." >> that s a long setup for "let it be." you're a h huge rollg stones fan. >> this weekend, he asked me my favorite beatles song. i said, "imagine." he said, that's not a beatles song. >> that's close. john lennon. >> i was in the real >> yes, you were. >> people, come on.
8:17 am
early for duane "the rock" johnson and his fwoifgirlfrnd, lauren, welcoming baby jasmine into the world. the "fast and furious" star posting the the debut photo of his daughter. he posted these words to his 36 million followers. give me the strength to be a better man today than i was yesterday. if i can accomplish that, i have a good shot at being a great father. he added the hashtag, she can date when she's 40. would you show up at that door? >> no way. it's been one unbelievable year inspiring. shocking. trail-blazing. >> he looked better than me as a man. woman. how can i win? >> from the naenae to the no no. anonymous. >> tthe oh, no. licking a doughnut. her 15 miniupts are over. >> rule 101, don't hire a hot nanny. >> it's been one knockout of a year. robin roberts with the year.
8:18 am
abc. "show open " good morning i'm it's 8:27 ... sabrina: need to happen with enrollment dropping by more than a hundred students, the district now has less money for programs. school leaders will need to cut eight hundred thousand dollars by next year. the board is expect to make a final decision tonight. sabrina: an iowa high schooler collapsed during a championship match saturdary, and later died in the hospital. the spencer community in mourning following the sudden death of austin roberts. grief counselors were on hand sunday at the school, as students and family remembered the teen. there's still no word on what caused roberts to collapse.
8:19 am
elias: well let's get a quick check of the weather with meterologist sam schreier. sam/ weather adlib: sabrina: elias:
8:20 am
[ cheers and applause ] look at this crowd out here in times square. all bundled up. here are our friends from buzz feed. they're creating perersonalize diy trees. we'll reveal them in just a feppminutes. and tell you how to make someing special for yourself as well. first, we're counting down to christmas with some of the hottest gifts this year. high-tech gadgets that help you stay healthy. these ultimate trackers can do so much more now than just track your fitness. they can help with almost every aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
8:21 am
'tis the season to be healthy. what better way to improve your health one step at a time than with fitness trackers. as we step into the holiday season, it's one of the hottest selling gifts this year. >> you're talking about the time of year where everyone is making their new year's resolutions. what better gift to get than the gift of health. >> reporter: and with the fiess tech industry growing. the industry raking in $14 billion a year. and set to double by 2020. >> it makes people aware of what they're doing and how you treat your body. so these tools give them the opportunity to do that. >> reporter: and the fitness tracking market is saturated. this year, the health and fitness app usage up 62%. with apps like strava and runtastic pro. >> start an activity with runtastic now. >> reporter: and the endless options of wearable devices. like the fitbit. jawbone.
8:22 am
to help you live better. >> beat yesterday with vivoactive. >> if your goal is 10,000 steps a day and at the end of the day, you're doing 2,000, i think a lightbulb goes off. >> and joining us now is live stile reporter anna desouza. this is interesting. >> it's an automatic tracker for your entire body. it callates the amount of calories you have consumed. you've burned. your hydration, your sleep, your steps. all just sitting on the wrist. >> how can it tell what you have eaten? >> it calculates the amount of glucose in your bloodstream. it translates it into calorie intake. >> you have your phone. you can go to the app. >> exactly. >> this is another take. how does it work?
8:23 am
bra or pantleg. this is spire. a fitbit for your stress and emotions. tracks your breathing in real time. so you can see your breathining unlate up or down. when you're f feeling especially tense or stressed, it sends you a text notification. for me, it's usually allday. when i'm hunched over my computer, i stop breathing. for some people, it can be when their heart t is racin or the breathing is quicker. >> what do you do with that formation? it is a reminder to -- >> to calm down. the app takes you through a guided meditation. or go for a walk around the office or the block. >> dan harris must love this. this is how to get 10% happier. >> exactly. >> and it is important, i think, to realize what you're really doing. so many of us don't realize how hard we're working or that we're not breathing or drinking water. these are great reminders, but they can go o too far.
8:24 am
>> it causes more stress. >> i'm panting now because of this. and this is not a wearable piece. it's a plate. >> it's a new technology. it's a smartlate. it calculates the calories you're about to consume before u consume it. take a photo with the smart phone. each reservoir has a scale. who knows the the difference between three and four ounces of chchicken? th smart plate is also able to weigh it at the same t time. tell you the calories you're about to consume. >> it's insane the technology that'savailable. and not very expensive. anna, thank you. for sortf breaking it down and explaining to us. let's get outside to rob marciano for a look at the weather. time now for "gma's" football countdown. i'm here with fans of both teams playing in the big game tonight for pride. detroit lions face the new orleans saints on monday night football. on espn.
8:25 am
on espn radio and espn2' "mike & mike" have a take on tonight's game. here they are. >> we're mike and mike. the lions in new orleans. what's your pick? >> it's cafe du monde. i'm not really going to watch the game. i'm going to get me a bunch of beignets. they come in three-pax, five-pax. i don't know where i'm going to end up. but it will be anywhere but the game. >> lions are going win. back to you. >> how about a beignet? they're makingng us hunger. let's look at the weather forecast for tonight's game in new orleans, sponsored by nationwide. storms, could be severe. they're playing in a dome. if you're out own bourbon street, at times, take cover. the actiontarts tonight. tune in to find out the game's unsung hero. in the gruden grinder.r beignets.
8:26 am
got to feed them, george. got to feed them. back over to you. >> thank you, rob. it's time for our christmas tree challenge. heree are. these magnificent creations. the first up is keely flaherty. and lara is already voting with her nod. tell us what you were trying to do here. >> this is supposed to be like a representation of me. i see a lot of toilet paper and a plunger. i'm disturbed. >> you can use anything around yo house if you're going to do a diy christmas tree. plungers, toilet paper. i tried to capture the essence of lara. we could all use more support around the holidays. right? >> basically, i tried to include goggles. a little bit of wine. wine corks. pat brushes. >> i have no idea why she would do that. it's beautiful. i judge it? >> no, you just say what you think.
8:27 am
>> loryn brantz, you did one for dan. >> unlike lara, i love this tree. it captures the e things i love, cas, my baby, and cats. i put that in the wrong order. i should have started with my baby. >> a lot of bagels there. >> i was a l little worried. i'm jewish. i don't know a lot about christmas trees. i think i he it together. >> you did well. >> the duct tape. >> and joanna borns, what do we have for team sara? >> it's important to have heavier items at the bottom. i know sara loves chihuahuas. i tried to incorporate as many chihuahuas as possible. >> it's a cheech fest, george. check it out. >> it's also subtle like sara. >> and heavy on the bottom. sorry. sorry. i diess. >> i think she likes it. >> i love it. i think she iled it. >> you love it.
8:28 am
have? >> we did a weather tree. sun, lightning. the whole thing is kind of like a tornado. anything you might lose in that. >> excellent work on the toilet paper. nice work. i have to give it a 10. >> now it's time for all of you to vote. team rob. [ cheers and applause ] okay, team sara. [ cheers and applause ] team dan. [ cheers and applause ] well, we know who's out? team lara. [ cheers and applause ] it's sara or rob. okay, it's sar sara gets it. where's the fruitcake? do we have the fruitcake? >> we do. i believe there is a -- there it is. >> there it is. there's your fruitcake. congratulations, sara. thank yoto all of our friends at buzz feed. that was a lot of fun. go to our website to get more decorating ideas. coming up, the woman at the
8:29 am
lawrence movie, "joy."tt2w`tsi`r4# bt@qr l tt2w`tsi`r4# "a@qb,( tt2w`tsi`r4# bm@qi'$ tt4w`tsi`r4#" dztq $$\ tt4w`tsi`r4#" entq t < tt4w`tsi`r4#" gzt& m'd tt4w`tsi`r4#" hnt& ])( tt4w`tsi`r4#" iztq 7@p tt4w`tsi`r4#" jntq %00 tt4w`tsi`r4#" lzt& =]l a single mom comes up withth an idea for a new-fangled mop, sells it on tv, and ends up selling millions andaking billions. the few movie, "joy," starring
8:30 am
al-life story of that mom, joy mangano, who recently stopped by the pseudoyeo. congratulations on your success. my fellow long islander. >> oh, y yes, righ >> and this incredible movie starring jennifer lawrence. david o. russell directs. >> it's like, wait a minute. could this really be happening, right? but there was did on the other end of the phone. that started the most amazing creative path and then ended u up withhis incredible inspirational movie "joy." >> and to be played by jennifer lawrence. >> oh, my goododness. it doesn't get better than that. >> hi, would you like to try a new mop? >> no. >> it's self-wringing. you can remove the mop head, throw it in the washing machine. no germs. >> no. >> no. >> no? >> look at that. >> you want to try it? self-wring? see? no other mop does this. >> number one actress in the world. right? it's a funny thing. from the moment we met, within a
8:31 am
sentences. >> i'm sure there are people who, when they read about the movie, wl go, really? a giant hollywood chriristmas blockbuster about a woman who invented a cool mop. it's so much more. how would you desibe "joy "? >> it's very inspirational. so many of us have, you know, ideas and inspirations. and the mop just represents all of that. hi, i'm joy mangano and i invented the miracle mop. and how many of us tuck it away and say, ion't ow. but if you believe in yourself. and go after it, that's the message. >> when you have a dream, making it a reality is a bold thing to do. >> many of us find that we grow up, we have a family, start doing things. it kind of moves us away from our passion. but if you are able to stick to that and no matter what anybody says, and follow through with it and be successful with it. but success in a way that's so natural for me.
8:32 am
that's what success is. >> that is awesome. mission accomplished. >> right? >> we want to inspire and encourage people to do what you've done and follow their dreams. so we have two wonderful ladies over here. >> sure, let's go. >> we've named this segment life's a pitch. with a "p." with a "p." >> okay. >> you stand here. meet nadine and jennifer. these are two budding entreprenes. they each have a product. they would like to each pitch you, and would you let them know if they have a glimmer of hope? >> i'll give it my best shot if you give it yours. how's that? >> nadine, why d't you start. >> the g-cap is a stretchable, spill-proof bottle cap. stretch the g cap over any beverage bote and insert any straw. it's that simple. >> i like the nice, concise pitch. what do you think? >> absolutely. i wish i had that when my children were little. you can do it with that and many kinds of bottles.
8:33 am
it fits many sizes. >> jennifer, you're up. >> hi, joy. have you ever cut yourself in the kitchen before? never again. with the knife glider. it's as easy as chop, glide, slide. the vegetable peeler, pop it on. and you can peel your vegetables. your cucumber, your potato. the hot meat attachment. slice the meat without getting burned. what's nice is it's collapsible for easy storage. dishwasher-safe, bpa-free, and proudly made in the usa. >> well that is correct was a great pitch. gnat that is so important and so easy to use. and solves a problem that we have when we're cutting, right? in many ways, very ingenious. the sign of a great product is that it solves a problem. >> i heard you say that. i was like, that's it. you guys solve problems. >> and easy. and user friendly. that will impact somebody's day. so i think they're both fabulous.
8:34 am
>> i do. i do. >> you really want both. >> i still spill and i'm not a child. so see, it's for everybody. i want it for my italian oil bottle the. >> to get the blessing of joy is one thing. but how about $10,000 for each of you to get going? >> oh, my gosh. >> oh! >> oh, my gosh. >> from the movie, "joy." from the movie, "joy," that inspires women like you, anybody like you to go follow through. and you did. and i'm so proud of you. thank you, thank you. >> yay! >> go follow y your drea. i have chills. keep going, girls. thank you so much. we want to thank joy for giving them $10,000 each to create their dreams. and "joy" is in theaters chchristmas y.
8:35 am
josh groban picked up a grammy nomination for his latest album, "stages." he recently stopped by to talk to amy about the inspiration and to sing a little bit. >> we're here with the one and only josh groban. his latest album, "stages" has sold more than half a million copies. it features some of the greatest musical theat songs of all time. josh will perform one of them in just a moment. but first, let's chat. >> let's chat, shall we? >> you've been all over the country. you have had to add shows. that's how in-demand you are. what's the best part about being on the road? >> it's fantastic. if you build it, then they come. it's always a good feeling. we're going to europe and australia and places like that. we're going to be doing great outdoor venues throughout t america. it will be some of these song. some of the older songs. anytime you can go out and sing your heart out under the stars, it's a good night out.
8:36 am
out in the middle of times square? >> that's pretty cool. >> here is josh groban performing "pure imagination." >> thank you so much. come with me d you'll be in a world of pure imagation take a look and you'll see into your imagination we'll begin with a spin traveling in the world of my
8:37 am
what we'll see will defy explanatn if you want to view paradise simply look around and view it anything you want to, do it want to change the world there's nothing to it there is no life i know to coare with pure imagination
8:38 am
you truly wish to be if you want to see magicland close your eyes and you will see one want to be a dreamer be one anytime you please and please save me one come with me and you'll be in
8:39 am
living there you'll be free if you truly wish to be living there you'll be free if
8:40 am
[ cheers and applause ] we had nice kickoff to congratulations, sara, for your tree. >> yes. >> thank you. >> it's beautiful. a very s special d tomorrow. maks and peta will be here tomorrow. >> i'm looking forward to that. >> i would have loved them to crown her tree and take it back. and give it to me.
8:41 am
crown her tree and take it back."show open " sabrina: good morning i'm sabrina ahmed... it's 8:56 ... sabrina: one person has died and more than thirty have been injured after a car plows into pedestrians on the las vegas strip last night. police say the female driver intentionally drove up onto the sidewalk. she has been taken into custody. a toddler who had been in the car during the ride was not hurt. six of those hit are said to be in critical condition. sabrina: a popular gift this christmas will be drones, and those planning to fly them will need to register with the u-s government. starting today new f-a-a guidelines go into effect regarding the use and piloting of drones. the flying machines have become a headache for law enforcement. all drones will be given a tracking number that will help the f-a-a keep tabs in a database. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/
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>> a reality star's horrific accident! did she survive? then, a road rage attack exclusive. a father is run over by his own car! and it forces a daughter to lose control. >> it took a big toll on me. i fell back into some of my old ways. >> are you refering to drugs? >> announcer: can the doctors help this family in crisis? >> are you ready to get sober again? >> announcer: on the doctors. >> when you need a doctor, it's not always for an illness. you may have life-threatening
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